The Inishkea Islands are located 5 km off the Mullet Peninsula.

There are two main islands: Inishkea North and Inishkea South.

The islands have been uninhabited since the early 1930s after a violent sea storm in 1927, killing many of the young men of the island. The islanders were devastated and a few years later the community was rehoused in the mainland.

  • The islands boasts numerous Archaeological sites, including monasteries, mounds and a whaling station.
  • Inishkea has fine white sand, clear waters and magnificent scenery.
  • They are also a haven for wildlife including both resident and migrating birds with over 85 types having been recorded. The Mute Swan, the Peregrine, Little Tern, Dunlin and the endangered Corncrake are just some of the birdspecies found on the island.
  • The islands are the most important wintering site in Ireland for over 3,000 barnacle geese. Brent geese also feed here during the winter.
    The islands are also a breeding location for Grey seals, where they come ashore from August to December to give birth. Approximately 150 fluffy white pups are born on the island each year.

Things to know

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Iniskea it’s important to note that these islands have been uninhabited for many years so there are no facilities available.
We do recommend bringing a packed lunch or picnic, an umbrella, SPF and any other essentials you may need.